domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Eating Healthy Can Be Tasty! Healthy, Home-Made Vegetable Chips.

Today's recipe is simple and easy.

Almost everyone loves potato chips for snacking but most commercially made chips are high in fat and contain chemicals not found in nature.

Our natural chips are rich, healthy and different. For a truly organic experience purchase only organically grown vegetables. To shape your chips you can use cookie cutters or fashion them the old fashioned way with a paring knife. Choose any shape you like. I used hearts and Christmas tree shaped cookie cutters. Potatoes are actually the best for holding their shape. Even though they are made from potatoes they ARE healthy.


2 sweet potatoes
4 radishes
2 potatoes
2 carrots
1/2 bag of raw spinach
1 box of cherry tomatoes
salt to taste

Wash and dry vegetables. Cut the potatoes, radishes and sweet potatoes into slices. Cut the carrot  into very thin strips and cherry tomatoes into halves. Preheat the oven to 200 F or 100 C.

Some vegetables take longer to become dehydrated and crisp so pre-heat the sweet potato, carrot and tomato slices in a microwave. Not all microwaves are the same so try half a minute and, if needed, half a minute more. The idea is to dehydrate in the oven so don't over-do the microwave.

Line 3 cooking pans with paper. Place the sweet potato with carrots and lightly salt. All vegetables should put a side by side but not on top of each other to prevent sticking and insure good air circulation.

On your second tray, lined with paper, place your potatoes, radishes and tomatoes. Don't forget the touch of salt.

In your last tray, always lined with sheet  paper, scatter your spinach and lightly salt . This vegetable dehydrates the fastest so watch closely and pull in about 1/2 hour. The spinach should be crisp, with an intense flavor. Spinach forms surprisingly rich chips.

For your other vegetables the cooking time is about an hour but will depend on the thickness of the slices or strips. They are ready when they are crisp.  Save your chips in  airtight containers and they can stored for a very long time.

Good Luck!


viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Leche Merengada: A Healthy, Cheap, Natural and Fashionable All Natural Spanish Ice-Cream

Most typical of Madrid, Spain, Leche Merengada “ice cream” is noted for its simplicity of preparation and its popular price. This is one of the most popular frozen drinks on hot Madrid nights

4 cups milk
1 cup sugar
Skin of 1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick
2 egg whites

Put the milk in a suitable pot with 1/2 cup sugar, cinnamon stick and the lemon skin (not the white part that gives a bitter taste).

Bring to a gentle boil and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes in order to transfer the flavors of cinnamon and lemon into the milk. Remove from heat and let cool until you can safetly place in freezer. Remove evry 15 minutes and stir again for a total of 45 minutes (stir 3 times).

When you see that the preparation of flavored milk has thickened and is quite cold.

During the last fifteen minutes make a meringue placing the 2 egg whites in a mixing bowl with the remaining sugar (1/2 cup) and whipping to a froth with a mixer or by hand if you truly want to go old school.

Add the meringue to the milk mixture, slowly and softly. Return to the freezer for 1 hour. You will find a product like ice cream ready to serve.

Serve in martini glasses sprinkled with cinnamon and/or small berries such as blueberries, black berries, etc.


Before serving I like to add a small amount of liquor and mix to the consistancy of mouse beforer serving. Then I serve with a sprinkle of chopped caramel almonds. Top with raspberries or strawberries.

For a touch of class toss on some edible gold powder (23 carats). It is fashionable and not too expensive. Gold powder is available online for 15 dollars and goes a long way.

Sprinkle a little gold and I promise that you will impress your guests!

The interesting thing about this dessert is that it is versatile. If sugar is replaced by an all natural sweetener, such as stevia, diabetics concerns can be dismissed. If you prepare it with products that have the symbol suitable for coeliacs, then they too can enjoy it.

Good luck !


domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Pumpkin Seeds and Yohimbe Power Passion!!

Some friends called me talking about the article. Most of them are married or living with their partners. Some made jokes about it while others said they loved the suggestion. A few wanted to try that very night but, perhaps because of the stress in these difficult times, they didn't have enough sexual desire in spite of being happy with their partners.

 I think it's time for another suggestion.

A natural aphrodisiac are pumpkin seeds. You can buy pumpkin seeds at the grocery store ready to eat. The problem is you have to eat a full bag. Start the night before and pace yourself. For some people they may still cause stomach troubles but they are very effective.

For those with stomach troubles, yohimbe is much better. Yohimbe is a tree that grows in western Africa and may be purchased in capsule form. The capsules have no side effects (other than lack of sleep) and are very effective
believe me !!

You can purchase yohimbe at several Internet sites. Amazon appears to have the best prices. The capsules are very cheap and there are many comments, so you can draw your own conclusions.

There is evidence that the active ingredient, yohimbe may be useful for erectile dysfunction and can increase blood flow and nerve impulses in male and female erogenus zones. Some herbalists suggest that yohimbe bark works better than the ingredient yohimbine alone, but so far yohimbe bark has not been evaluated in research studies.

I have given this suggestion because I know it works. Now is the time to do your own research. There is a lot of information and you can read about it and make your own decision. If you find it effective, then read the previous "necklace" article and secure the legs of your bed.

Good Luck!


miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Chocolate Necklaces Incite Passion!

Pearl necklaces cost an arm and a leg but chocolate necklaces are a fraction of the cost and are an interesting way to surprise your partner. For various reasons I love the idea of receiving and giving chocolate in a different and unique way. 

The pearls themselves are similar to M&Ms (tm). Strung like real thing, neither the string nor the brooch is edible. This distinction is muy importante!  Immersed in a sea of sensation, pleasure, romantic joy and passion as you both eat your way toward that fateful kiss:  you stop, choke and go completely pale. Not a good look.  Luckily the hospital is short hop and a skip away. Or not. While it is true that the moment will be unforgettable, it's a ridiculous situation and not what we want. Be careful and eat responsibly!

So, here's how to have an unforgettable night with this necklace. No need to spend money on a night out. Take it home!

Cook or buy your food for the dinner, something that your partner really likes. Set the table well and don't forget the candles. Let you partner know that it's their day; you're the host.

Don't forget the flowers. There is NO excuse for that. At the supermarket you will find good quality flowers. Even roses may be found at 10 dollars a dozen in most stores.  Place the flowers in the refrigerator with a nice note. Don't misplace your brain here. Arrange the flowers in an elegant way; don't just toss them in like a head of lettuce. At one point during your dinner prep ask for something from the refrigerator. ...TOUCHE, the first touch.

An after dinner champagne and strawberries provide your finishing touch.  Place a fresh strawberry into the bottom of a champagne glass and pour in the champagne. The strawberry gives more surface area from which to produce bubbles.  For this reason alone strawberries in champagne are subtly romantic.  Just watch the bubbles fly!

At this moment give your partner the necklace. Place the necklace around your partner's neck and very gently help to close the clasp. The combination of strawberry, chocolate, and champagne …heavenly!

Follow our directions and you will soon be sharing your necklace and, perhaps, the rest of your lives together.

Four Ingredients for a Memorable Night
Edible Jewelry (pearl necklace, chocolate)

PS: If your partner asked for a genuine pearl necklace, and instead you bought yourself a new car, DO NOT try this recipe.  Murder, under those circumstances, may be defensible in such a situation. Pick your time and do it right. YOUR health is OUR concern…)

Bonne Chance!


Un collar de perlas de chocolate puede despertar la pasion

Los collares de perlas  son muy costosos , pero los collares de chocolate son una fracción del costo  sabrosos y muy sugerentes
Realmente es una manera interesante de sorprender a tu pareja.
Las perlas son similares a un  M & M (tm).Se puede usar por unas horas como un real collar de perlas , ni el hilo ni el broche son comestible. Esta distinción es importante, Muy importante! . Por que si estas inmerso en un mar de sensaciones, placer, alegría , pasión y romántisismo , ambos en camino hacia ese fatídico beso: y te detienes, medio ahogado  y completamente pálido y diciendo.... me trage el broche , creo que tenemos que ir al hospital!. Definitivamente , no es la imagen del amante perfecto. Si bien es cierto que el momento será inolvidable, es una situación ridícula y no es lo que estamos buscando.
Debes ser cuidadoso y comer de manera responsable!
Para tener una noche inolvidable con este collar, no hay necesidad de gastar excesivo dinero en una noche de fiesta. La llevamos a casa!
Cocina o compra comida para la cena, algo que tu pareja le guste mucho. Pone la mesa bien y no te olvides de las velas. Deja que tu pareja sepa que es su día, tu eres el anfitrión.
No te olvides de las flores. No hay excusa para eso. En el supermercado encontrará flores de buena calidad. Incluso las rosas se pueden encontrar en 10 dólares la docena en la mayoría de las tiendas. Guarda las flores en el refrigerador con un bonito detalle, quizas una nota. Arregla las flores de una manera elegante, no las tires dentro como si fueran una planta de lechuga. En un momento durante la preparación para la cena pedile algo de la nevera …y. ... TOUCHE, el primer toque.
Un champan después de la cena y las fresas ofrecen su toque final.
Pon una fresa fresca en el fondo de una copa y luego vierte el champán.  La fresa ofrece una mayor superficie para producir burbujas, por esta razón solamente la combinacion de fresa con champán es bonito y romántico. Sólo mirando las burbujas que a gran velocidad buscan la superficie.
En ese momento regalale el collar. Ponselo alrededor del cuello y con mucha suavidad ayudala a cerrar el broche. La combinación de fresas, champán, un collar de perlas de chocolate, mas de tu creatividad para lograr que lo coman juntos ... puede ser celestial!
Sigue las instrucciones y pronto vas a compartir su collar, y tal vez el resto de sus vidas, juntos.

Cuatro ingredientes para una noche memorable

Champagne (Champaña)
Joyeria comestible ( Collar de perlas de chocolate )

PS: si tu pareja te pidió un auténtico collar de perlas, y no lo compraste argumentado que no podes gastar dinero, pero te compraste un auto nuevo. Por favor! no trates esta receta. En vez de despertar pasión, despertaras instintos asesinos. Elige tu tiempo y hazlo bien.
 Tu salud es nuestra preocupación ...)
Bonne Chance!

miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Como hacer para que nuestros hijos coman vejetales, sin que ellos lo sepan..

El problema mas grande que tenemos las madres con respecto a la alimentacion de nuestros niños, es que a ellos  no les gustan los vegetales .
Tienen una gran inclinacion hacia los  snaks, dulces, papas fritas y hamburguesas. Con semejante dieta todos sabemos que no pueden incorporar la cantidad de vitaminas y minerales que necesitan para un crecimiento saludable, y en la mayoria de los casos, se pruduce exceso de peso .

Asi que es necesario enseñarles a comer saludable, pero vamos a hacerlo de una manera inteligente.
Hoy les voy a dar una receta de helado de frutas y vegetales. Ellos no van a saber que estan comiendo vegetales, solo sentiran el sabor y veran los colores de la naranja y el kiwi , no de la espinaca y la zanahoria.

4 kiwis
9 naranjas
4 onzas de zanahoria liquada  
2 onzas de espinaca
moldes para helado
Palitos para helados

( una onza equivale a  29.57 ( osea mas o menos 30) mililitros o centimetros cubicos )


Lavar bien los vegetales y pelar los kiwis. Cortar las naranjas en mitades y extraer el jugo

Las que tienen extractor de jugos  solo tienen que extraer los jugos pero un ingrediente por vez, luego los mezclaremos
Las que no tienen juguera , pueden hacerlo en una licuadora o mixer .
Pelar los kiwis, cortarlos en trozos pequeños y licuarlos durante 3 minutos aproximadamente , junto con las dos onzas de espinaca bian lavada y el jugo de dos o tres naranjas. Van a obtener un jugo cremoso, que hay que colarlo  para retirar semillas o pulpa que no se haya licuado  .
Ahora vamos a hacer lo mismo con las zanahorias, pero le agregan un poco de jugo de naranja para poder procesarlas, cuando ya obtuvieron ese jugo cremoso , entonces le agregan el resto del jugo de las naranjas y lo cuelan .

Los moldes para las paletas heladas se consiguen en supermercados o negocios que venden articulos para decorar tortas. Pero por si no los encuentran como en mi caso, que tengo dos tipos diferentes de moldes , pero no los pude encontrar,(En mi cocina sucede algo asi como en el triangulo de las Bermudas,  las cosas aparecen y desaparecen misteriosamente. Ayer buscando los moldes para helado encontre un rollo gigante de papel adherente que se me habia perdido hace tiempo. Asi que la proxima vez cuando este buscando por ejemplo , la maquina para hacer pasta casera , con seguridad encontrare los moldes para helado). Vayan al supermercado y compren vasos descartables . yo compre vasos para shot de 1.3 onzas, por que mi familia come pequeñas cantidades, eso si con mucha frecuencia,  nosotros  somos como pollos picoteamos todo el dia .

Tambien deben comprar palitos para helado, si no encuentran los adecuados, entonces usen su creatividad .
Mi amiga Lucy que es muy creativa e impaciente, uso vasos descartables que le habian quedado de su ultimo cumpleaños y como palitos las cucharas plasticas.
no es muy elegante , pero es muy practico.

Volviendo a nuestra receta .Tenemos el jugo de los kiwis con la espinaca, el jugo de naranga colados y el jugo de zanahorias mezclado con el restante jugo de naranjas, tambian colados .

Comenzaremos con el jugo verde (kiwi, espinaca, naranjas ). Llenamos la mitad de los vasos, cubrimos con papel adeherente bien apretado e introducimos con cuidado en el centro, el palito y los llevamos al freezer. En media hora ya estan congelados, los sacamos y llenamos la otra mitad con el jugo de naranja y zanahoria .
En una hora aproximadamente ustedes tendran los helados listos para saborear .
Les puedo asegurar que nadie va  sospechar que esta comiendo un helado de espinaca y zanahoria .
Cuando vean a sus hijos con los helados, no se van a preocupar por la mala alimentacion,  por que es como si estuvieran comiendo frutas o ensalada .
Y si tu marido es de esos que cuando haces ensalada no quiere comer por que dice.., no soy vaca para andar comiendo pasto, entonces tendras un doble placer. Cuando los veas ir y venir al freezer, no pongas  cara de felicidad, enojate y decile .. te estas comiendo todo el helado de los chicos !!!! eso si la oracion la terminas mentalmente VACA
Bueno sigamos con la  receta,  yo en este caso  no agrege azucar por que el dulce de las frutas fue suficiente, cuando lo hagan prueben y si les parece necesario agreguen azucar o si quieren que sean bajas calorias para las dietas agreguen stevia .
Stevia es un edulcorante absolutamente natural que se obtiene de una planta originaria de Paraguay . endulza cinco veces mas que el azucar y es muy agradable .Actualmente es el unico edulcorante permitido en Europa y ayuda a bajar los niveles de azucar en las personas diabeticas .
Lo pueden comprar en los supermercados, no es caro y hay varias companias que lo estan comercializando.
Espero que les haya gustado y la proxima semana les doy otra receta

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Fooling Our Kids: It’s a GOOD Thing!

Recipe #1 “Healthy Popsicles”

Kids hate vegetables.  Fact.  Telling a child that it’s “good for you” is a guaranteed way to instill a lifetime of vegetable aversion.

A child's diet of choice?  Snacks and sweets, chips and burgers .  As parents we can’t surrender to our children; even as adults we crave the same fare.  Such a diet cannot incorporate the vitamins and minerals we need for healthy growth.  In some cases unwanted excess weight is the result as well as a weakened infrastructure (our bones and ligaments) needed to support that added weight.

It is necessary to teach them to eat healthy, but let's do it wisely.

Today I present to you our first fruit and vegetable recipe. Your children (of all ages, Hi Dad!) will be unaware that they are eating vegetables: they will only taste the flavor and see the vibrant colors of orange and kiwi, not the dreaded green spinach and orange carrots.


4 Kiwi fruit
9 Oranges
1 lg or 2 small Carrots (4 oz. pureed)
I Handful raw spinach (2 oz. pureed)
Popsicle molds
Popsicle Sticks, candy sticks, skewers (whatever is handy)


Wash vegetables and peel the kiwis. Cut oranges in half and extract the juice

Combine the kiwi and spinach in a blender or juicer and puree thoroughly. Strain the resulting puree to remove any seeds or pulp that has not been liquefied. Set to the side.

Combine the carrots and orange in a blender or juicer and puree thoroughly. Strain the resulting puree to remove any seeds or pulp that has not been liquefied.  Set to the side.

Molds for popsicles are available in most supermarkets or craft stores. I have many molds but, alas, I live in the Bermuda Triangle. Things appear and disappear mysteriously. Yesterday, looking for ice cream molds, I found my pasta machine!  The next time I need that machine I will surely find my popsicle molds. … :)

In case popsicle molds are unavailable buy small disposable cups. I bought 4 oz. clear shot glasses. I have a family like chickens; they peck away at the food all day long. I figured the smaller shot glass portions were the way to go.

My friend Lucy used disposable cups from her child’s last birthday as molds and plastic spoons as sticks.

Not very elegant, but VERY practical! … :)

To continue: Fill your molds halfway with the kiwi mixture, center your “spoons” (lol) and freeze long enough to become semi-solid (approximately ½ hour). Plastic wrap on top is helpful to keep the “sticks” centered. Next cover with the orange mixture, finish freezing (approximately ½ hour more) and enjoy!

I can assure you that no one will suspect they are eating spinach and carrot popsicles. DO NOT TELL THEM! <grin>

In this recipe, do not add sugar because the fruit is sweet enough. If you do feel it necessary to add sugar please consider stevia as a natural alternative.

Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories that is derived from a plant native to Paraguay. Stevia is currently the only alternate sweetener allowed in Europe and helps to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. Stevia is available in most supermarkets, not expensive and there are several companies that are marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and next week I will give you another fruit and vegetable creation. Have a healthy day! ... :)